​​Thrive in the nourishing light that gives life. (John 8:12)
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    Call or text: (717) 683-8971 Email: [email protected] Business Office: 16531 Susquehanna Trail South New Freedom, PA 17349
  2. Rev. David S. Vatral, M.A. Therapist
    David Vatral holds a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Counseling from Eastern Nazarene College and completed his clinical work at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.
  3. 2 Counseling Locations
    York Office: Sprenkle House Ministry Center 500 Stillmeadow Lane York, PA 17404 New Freedom Office: Trail Nazarene Church 16535 Susquehanna Trail South New Freedom, PA 17349
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Here is what people are saying about Life and Light Christian Counseling...

 "My girlfriend and I had been dating for about 4 years and were having some uncomfortable discussions about marriage. We had both been married before. Donna thought we had dated long enough and was ready for a life time commitment. I was extremely nervous and could not even bring myself to say forever. Donna took it personally, as if I did not love her enough to want to marry her. I did love her enough, but was worried because most of the marriages in my family ended in divorce. We approached our church pastor and asked if he would counsel us. He told us that he was not really qualified as a marriage counselor, but could recommend someone very qualified to us. His recommendation was Reverend David Vatral. We were very hesitant about talking with a stranger, but we went ahead and made the appointment. Dave worked with us in a number of different ways. We each separately completed some compatibility tests. Then Dave worked with us together through each answer. He would point out our gifts as a couple, as well as areas that we should work on. As our relationship with Dave progressed, we became very comfortable with him. He is friendly, very insightful, and resourceful. He had good advice that we felt applied to our specific relationship. Dave also used biblical principles to back up what he was trying to teach us. Overall, we enjoyed our experience. He was the connection we needed to get us through the uncertainties of getting married again. We would recommend Rev Dave to anyone who feels they might want to explore a more fulfilling, meaningful relationship . Today Donna and I are husband and wife! Thanks again Rev. Dave!"

Sincerely ,
Wade and Donna

“If you are looking for counseling from a Christ-centered and biblical perspective, I highly recommend the counseling ministry of David Vatral and Light & Life Christian Counseling. David is a very competent and compassionate counselor. I have made numerous referrals to David for counseling, because I trust the skills, knowledge and experience that David brings to his clients.”

Rev. Pat Teaford
Pastor, St. David’s Evangelical Congregational Church
Dover, PA
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